Ozkok Uniform, which exists to serve you customers with our 25 years of experience,is walking and manufacturing with confident steps in the sector of 

Apparel and Textile Promotion with its quality products and wide product range.

Our company is active in the field of business dress and textile promotional materials; Industrial enterprises, hospitals, security companies, cleaning companies,

hotels,restaurants,schools and sports clubs.

Our Vision

The costs that you can bear for your profession are the greatest investments you can make for profitability. OZKÖK is the principle principle of professionalism,


Based on its principles, it presents to our esteemed customers.

Our Mission

Ozkok is our mission as a business apparel,

Applying an approach that emphasizes customer satisfaction by raising the quality standards of the sector to all its employees and business processes

In the sector, which keeps customer satisfaction at the top level by offering quality fidelity that is more important than sales to after-sales service, followed by technological innovations required by time, followed by quality line, without sacrificing satisfaction of all stakeholders, especially our customers, suppliers and employees, Quality and loyalty to its commitments, increasing production volume every passing day to be a brand and company that guides the sector 

Our Values

-Human respect and human understanding first,
-The contemporary working approach focused on reliability and reliability,
-The sense of responsibility towards the community and respect for the environment,
-Internal and external communication quality,
-Sound development, rational and systematic work,
-Enterprise work and understanding,
-To focus on business processes and results in this direction,
-To base team work on team work,
-Development and change of heart open,
-The work done adds to the brain power of all employees,
-Be able to follow the developments in the sector and adapt to the changes, act proactively.

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